Vidéo :Paroli Méthode Roulette Casino l 100€ Gagnés en 15 Minutes avec Paroli

Hello everyone and welcome to top roulette methods I will explain to you how to win at roulette with the method of Paroli i which is considered one of the best ways to win roulette at the casino the player must simply place his initial bet on the table as well as the total earnings obtained since the beginning paroli is a method indirectly allowing to play with the money of the casino paroli is an old gaming system century it is based on a series of victories the paroli system is a mathematical method based on simple bets when they are on a winning streak, the players do not withdraw their gains from the stack but he leaves it all for a much higher gain at the same time they must reduce their stake following a defeat the paroli system is more effective on simple odds such as color red or black the even or odd parity or pass is missing the paroli system can be summed up in three stages step 1 set an initial bet To assess the effectiveness of this method, it is also necessary to define a bankroll that allows you to follow the evolution of your personal pot at at any time and to form an objective opinion step 2 double the stake out of each win This allows you to quickly fill your pot in case of victory. step 3 stopped increasing stakes after three wins in a row and reverting to the original stake this step is very important based on statistics it is proven that it is very difficult to chain more than three victories roulette in a row that is why it is recommended to stop after the third victory in a row step 4: after a defeat place the initial bet until obtaining a victory and start the process all over again.You must continue to place your bet starting after each defeat until the return of a series of at least two wins in a row as you can see there have been three numbers go from 19 to 36 so I play on the numbers from 1 to 18 called missing it’s won according to the rule of this method I let the bet plus the gain for a total of 10 euros win again so I put it all back on the mat again I won 20 euros so I give 20 euros as you can see it’s winning a third time for a gain of 40 euros with only 5 euros wagered at the start I stop doubling the bet after three consecutive wins there starts again my bet on the numbers passes because the 14 the 7 and the 13 are all small missing numbers I give only 5 euros and I make to turn is to win so I put my back again initial bet plus the gain so 10 euros and I spin the zero is lost I put again 5 euros I invite you to watch the video until the end you will see the power of this method even after several losses we will be in the positive quickly here the 11 is lost play keep betting with only 5 euros I run the 23 it’s won I double again the 24 is won for the second time having had more losses before getting this gain I decided not to bet for a third win and start over the 23 and 24 are pass numbers I play on miss it’s lost if I had continued my previous bet I would have won again 40 € prefer to play for sure I put back 5 € and I throw it is win I double lost and I see the odd three times out I stop betting on past I bet on even numbers number one and fourth a dad on the list replay on earth the famous zero again which makes us ardent I insist on even numbers the wine is won I put back so the 10 euros always won on the numbers peers the 30 is paid I put back the 20 euros earned on par again here is a new nice gain of 40 € we started with 300 euros and here we are already with 345 euros three even numbers I play on odd ten black pairs got lost discount on odd 18 red father got lost play insists on odd numbers excellent the repetition of the 18 which makes us lose again but as I have said at the beginning this method has the potential to hold also in case of several consecutive losses there were two more losses with the 32 and May 12 won with the 1 is now second gain with the 27 here a series of red I then play the black numbers one more red I always put back with the initial bet in case of loss the 31 is paid I should normally continue on black but I see three numbers going so i decided to play surely they are the numbers from 1 to 18 well it seems that I always add my head in the wrong way but i will win for sure whether he likes it or not you will see discount on missed I spin the roulette wheel failed we put it back again lost again win with the 14 so we double second gain of 20 euros I put everything back for a third successful shot here is a new stroke of three victories obtained for a total of 40 € the scale is 355 euros I will speed up the video a bit and resume before 100 € net gain here three reds I play black here we are again after a few minutes of the game we are at 385 euros I plan to make 100 euros in net earnings and close the session for today the 14 10 and 4 are three numbers missing I bet on pass it’s won I put the rate again and it is perfectly won again for a total of 100 euros won in less than twenty minutes we started with 300 euros and we now have 400 euros so plus 100 euros in case of a series of victories know that luck will not smile on you indefinitely so if you are greedy trying to earn as much as possible you actually increase the possibility of lose everything the paroli also called reverse martingale and therefore a method of play for prudent and sober bettors also it may happen that you are in livery by a good phase of play the fact of registering several consecutive gains can lead you suddenly wanting to bet more of your own money this may turn out to be a bad idea I invite you to visit our site web top roulette methods you will find lots of methods and tips reliable for winning roulette at online and land casinos I put in the description the links to our site and the casinos recommended which quickly loses the gains you can also take advantage of their best bonuses that multiply the minimum X deposit 100% up to 500% don’t forget to subscribe to the channel I will post more soon very reliable methods and tips to win at roulette regularly and for sure good luck to everyone